Column: Singing the praises of music duo Jason and DeMarco

By David Webb The Rare Reporter

When a friend called me last weekend asking me to go hear gay Christian singing duo Jason and DeMarco in concert I hesitated because it’s not a genre I thought would be all that exciting. Sensing my hesitation, the friend assured me the concert would be a far different experience than anything I might be imagining.

The friend, who is my former editor and happens to be Jewish, once again proved herself right and me wrong. It truly turned into one of those periods of elation that seems to be occurring less often the older I get. The singing of Jason and DeMarco drew me and the rest of the audience in the Celebration on the Lake Church on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas up out of our chairs to clap, sing, and wave our hands in the air after only 10 minutes into the conference.

At one point I looked over at my friend, and I saw tears streaming down her face. The song “SAFE” the couple performed from their CD by the same name obviously touched a chord in her. She later told me the singing of Jason and DeMarco similarly affected her a few years ago when she first saw the film, “We Are Angels,” documenting the singers’ lives. The 2007 documentary appeared on Showtime Network.

By the time the concert ended and I had heard them sing their version of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and DeMarco sing the Catholic prayer hymnal “Ave Maria” solo, I was hooked. I did something I never usually do. I stood in line at the conclusion of the concert for a chance to meet the duo and buy one of their four CDs. I chose the one that was named “SAFE” and included all of the songs that had so touched something in me the same way it did my friend.