Rick This! – This too shall pass

By Rick Rose

I remember in college the only way I could get through preparing for a test was reminding myself that “this too shall pass” – that the day after the test is a new day, and the test is in the past…I can do nothing more about that which has already passed. And that feels good. Time passes with every test taken, every key stroke written and every tick of the clock (the two sounds I am hearing as I write and think about how profound this simple message is).

So often, I find myself and those around me worrying about things that may never happen. Don’t sweat the small things, for sure, but remember, that big or small, every moment in our life has its time, then it quickly moves into our past memories, hopefully shaping our future journeys.

As I age, I embrace this reality so much easier. I describe the sensation to friends of my age set as “things just rolling off my back” because that is how it feels. Instances come, they go; I move on.

Through this process, it is so much easier to live my life now than it was 20 years ago. Back then, as I said, I had to remind myself of this concept as a way to psych myself up and get through it. Now I simply live it. In every action. With every intent. Through every move. It’s a concept I desire to share with you, and it actually unfolds, as you read my words. There it is. It passes by your eyes, through your thoughts and perhaps provides you with a moment of clarity and acknowledgment as perhaps your lips purse up and you utter the sound, “Hmmmm.” And we both move on.

To point, how often have you been engaged in a heartfelt conversation with your children, nieces or nephews, or younger friends who are struggling with something that to you seems so easy because we have “been there, done that?” In these circumstances, I wish to gingerly grab my junior by the shoulders and, offer sage advice that “this too shall pass.” And all the while, and with all the love I can muster, hold back the words, “this is nothing, you will experience stuff that is even worse in your next 20 years!”

Thank God for the discernment He gives and the strength She provides to hold this understanding at my age. Because, truly, with life experience and a fiercely changing world, come heavier situations. On a daily basis, we encounter deep, deep stuff as we lose friends, we fight disease, we go through multiple breakups and even divorces, we put suicidal thoughts and depression into check, we abate our rage over others’ stupidity, as the whispered words come to us, “this too shall pass.” And we move forward, with the weight rolling off our shoulders as the shit hits the ground, not the fan, and regenerates back into mother earth.