Pfizer’s ‘Get Old’ campaign (bravo!)

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I wrote a column the other day lamenting our culture’s aversion to the word ‘old’ and used SAGE’s ‘Older Adults’ language as an example. Then I noticed on their website that Pfizer sponsors them and has partnered with them in the pharmaceutical company’s “Get Old” campaign. Kudos to Pfizer for having the courage to use the ‘O-word’.

From SAGE:

In June 2012, Pfizer launched “Get Old,” an initiative designed to take on an important issue affecting society today—the country’s growing aging population—and provide useful, actionable information that can help people take control of their health at every stage of life. The effort features a dedicated online hub ( that provides a place to share stories, find health information and tools, and be directed to relevant partner resources and social channels. Since its launch, Get Old has struck a chord across the U.S. that is fueling a growing conversation about aging and healthy living. SAGE is proud to partner with Pfizer on Get Old, ensuring that the unique issues facing LGBT older people are part of this vital conversation.

Get Old seeks to engage people in a different way around the notion of getting older and living better. By asking a simple but profound question—How do you feel about getting old?—it sparks thoughtful discussion on aging issues, with the ultimate goal of enlisting audiences to join the company and its partners in advocating on key health issues.