Michael Kearns’ “The Truth is Bad Enough” now on Amazon (get yer excerpt here!)

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing activist, actor, author and teacher Michael Kearns.  His autobiography, “The Truth is Bad Enough: What Became of the Happy Hustler?” is now available on Amazon.  He’s given me the go-ahead to serialize a few chapters here, and today’s the day.  You can read Chapter 2 from the menu page (look up!), with two more to follow.

Reading some of these chapters, you won’t know whether to laugh or cry.  This really is a life that you wouldn’t believe . . . if Michael Kearns hadn’t lived it.

From Chapter 2:

Having navigated the psychiatric waters in an attempt to cure my father, my mother opted to take me to a psychiatrist. She had a very pressing question that begged consultation with someone other than unsophisticated family members.

I had asked Santa for a doll. What should she do?

She wanted to know if the psychiatrist thought that her son was destined to be a homo.

At the doctor’s office, I was placed in a room full of toys, where I was secretly observed by the psychiatrist through a two-way mirror.

Toys of every kind were scattered about: plastic guns, colorful balls, play tools. I was instantly drawn to an oversize dollhouse where an adorable blond baby doll was residing. Without hesitation, I had that little bundle of joy in my hands and contently played with her until the psychiatrist appeared.