This week in the ZeitGAYst: Brady Bunch dad Robert Reed dies of AIDS (1992)

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Actor Robert Reed, aka “Mr. Brady”, Dies of AIDS (May 12, 1992)

In the early days of the AIDS crisis it was common to assume that any man stricken with it was gay.  As a result AIDS inadvertently outed a number of its celebrity victims.  Although their close circle of friends may have known about their sexual orientation, the general public was largely unaware.  However, once news that celebs such as Rock Hudson, Anthony Perkins and Liberace had AIDS their “secret life” became known.  It was an unfortunate way of being outed.  And in some cases family members vehemently denied that AIDS was the cause of death.

Madonna’s Documentary “Truth or Dare” Opens (May 10, 1991)

The documentary Truth or Dare followed Madonna on her “Blond Ambition” concert tour as she played Japan, Canada, the U.S. and Europe.  It was shot during her dalliance with Warren Beatty (who she starred with in the 1990 movie Dick Tracy).  Others who appeared in the doc included gal pal Sandra Bernhard and Antonio Banderas (who co-starred with Madonna in the movie version of Evita six years later).  It opened in New York and L.A. the weekend of May 10, 1991.

Joan Crawford Marries Pepsi President Alfred Steele (May 10, 1955)

Alfred Steele was Joan Crawford’s fourth, and last, husband (it was his first marriage).  She was 50, he 54 when they married in Las Vegas.  Steele died of a heart attack four years later.  (Interestingly, all of Crawford’s marriages lasted four years.)  Besides being Alfred’s spouse Joan also served as a tireless worldwide ambassador for the soft drink.  At the time of their marriage Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina was 15.