Interview: Karen Wolfer from Dog Ear Audio

By Mark McNease

One of the real rewards for me doing lgbtSr is the opportunity it’s given me to meet and interview a fascinating variety of people.  We connect sometimes in the most inadvertent ways: I’ll see a website, or read an article about someone, or, now and then, I get an email.

I recently became aware of Karen Wolfer and her audio book production company located 9,000 miles above sea level in the Rocky Mountains.  Dog Ear Audio specializes in lesbian fiction and currently has a project on Kickstarter to bring the book ‘Safe Harbor’ by Radclyffe to a listening audience.  Karen was kind enough to give me the following interview, shedding light on the process of audio recording, living with solar energy, and generally being one of those interviewees I’ve been privileged to pose a few questions to. 

MM:  Your website says you and your partner have lived in an energy efficient home you built yourselves 17 years ago. Can you say a little about yourselves and how you ended up in the Rockies?

KW:  Pattie and I have been together nearly 28 years.  We met while I was still in the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen, Colorado. Trust me, I was one of the worker bees, not part of the jet set that plays there.  I’m originally from Ohio, but moved to Colorado after watching a TV series filmed out west.  Pattie is a native of Colorado, from the wheat farming plains of the eastern part of the state.  We met in Denver when I was just coming out.

I was a big fan of lesbian fiction with Naiad Press being an integral part of a happy coming out process.

MM:  Dog Ear Audio started as an offshoot of a video company.  Is the video company gone, and was it in the same location, 9,000 feet above sea level?

KW:  My partner’s video production company, Zoom’n Dog Productions ( is definitely still here and doing better than ever. The soundbooth and her video editing equipment are downstairs while I’ve got the main floor to do the sound editing on the audio books.  Her legs are younger than mine, so she gets the steps. 🙂  With her incredible video filming and editing skills, we are also conducting extended author interviews of writers of lesbian fiction.