Best of Aged to Perfection: Rev. Pat Bumgardner Joins the Podcast


Rev. Pat Bumgardner of Metropolitan Community Church of New York (MCCNY) is celebrating the 28th anniversary of her ordination this weekend. She’s been an inspiration for me nearly as long as I’ve lived in New York City, and hers was the only name other than my husband’s I wanted on our marriage license. It is. In honor of Rev. Pat’s anniversary and because she’s such a light in the world … here’s our podcast from early 2013. – Mark McNease/Editor

Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we welcome Rev. Pat Bumgardner to the podcast.   Rev.  Bumgardner is the Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of New York, where she has served in multiple capacities for the past 30 years. Rev. Pat is also the Executive Director of MCC’s newly formed Global Justice Institute, coordinating and overseeing the global justice work of MCC, and Chairs the denomination’s Public Policy Team. She represents MCC on the Council for Global Equality. She has been an active and vocal proponent for LGBT rights as human rights, traveling, writing and speaking on behalf of MCC world-wide, addressing a range of social justice issues.

The founder of The Sylvia Rivera Memorial Food Pantry at MCCNY and Sylvia’s Place, both housed at MCCNY, she has become a leading visionary in the quest of the Queer community to build coalitions and deal with hunger and homelessness, as well as homophobia and social prejudice. Named for the late civil rights leader, Sylvia’s Place serves as a New York City emergency shelter and drop in site dedicated to providing safe space for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Educated in the Roman Catholic tradition, Rev. Pat has become a sought-after speaker and preacher across denominational divides. Her current focus involves work with activists in Malaysia, Pakistan and East Africa. She lives in the West Village with her spouse of 25 years, Mary Jane Gibney, and their puppy, Lily.