1. Susannah Malool
    August 30, 2015 @ 9:50 pm

    Hi Ruth,
    My partner and I are coming to the area and wonder if there any short term rentals Oct 13-19, 2015. We pull a 23 foot Coachmen trailer and don’t necessarily need full hookups. We’re two lesbian recent retirees who live on a houseboat in Portland and have been together 34 years. We’ll have our 35 pound labaradoodle with us. We, like many othrs I’m sure, would love to experience Discovery Bay Resort. Thanks for writing about it.
    Best, Susannah Malool

  2. Mark
    August 31, 2015 @ 8:48 am

    Hi Susannah. I’ll forward this to Ruth.

  3. Bailey
    March 11, 2016 @ 12:48 pm

    Would like some information regarding Discovery Bay RV park. Could someone please contact me.

    • Bailey
      July 15, 2016 @ 8:09 pm

      Yes she did and all our questions were answered.

      Thank you

  4. Nathaniel
    October 4, 2016 @ 4:29 pm

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