Guest Joe Ippolito on this week’s ‘Aged to Perfection with lgbtSr’

We’re delighted to have guest Joe Ippolito with us this Wednesday, 6:00 pm eastern, for our weekly BlogTalkRadio show. I was introduced to Joe through the LGBT Elder Initiative and asked him if he’d cover the upcoming Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference for lgbtSr. He said yes, we spoke on the phone, and now we’ll have an opportunity to speak with him live for our listeners.

Joe is a 42-year old trans man who transitioned his gender 10 years ago. A Doctor of Psychology, Joe also works as an organizer, researcher and educator. He currently works at Abington Memorial Hospital’s Psychiatric Department and teaches in the Masters of Counseling program at Chestnut Hill College. He’s Chair of Gender Reel and has been an organizer of the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference for nine years. He’s also co-authoring a chapter on aging in the book, “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves.” For more, you’ll have to listen to the show! And keep an eye out for Joe’s writing about the Conference, coming soon. – Mark/Editer

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