1. MadeMark
    September 11, 2011 @ 12:08 pm

    I know how you feel. Our attorney feels the same way (not much point getting married with DOMA intact) but I can get married now in my home state and I want to before one of us gets hit by a truck. Mostly it's because I want to be married, and there's a little bit of "screw you" to the haters in there, because I can get married now and they can kiss my ass. DOMA will fall, I promise. – Mark

  2. kesm
    September 11, 2011 @ 11:27 pm

    You're "just sayin'" is right on target, Rick. Thank you for explaining so succinctly!

  3. Enid Levinger Powell
    September 12, 2011 @ 5:00 am

    A friend of mine said she and her partner have the same questions: the legal aspects are far more daunting than they had ever imagined. I thought these state laws were the answer to start with – but they've only raised questions that now absolutely require answers AND action!

  4. MadeMark
    September 12, 2011 @ 10:27 am

    Someone said the people happiest with marriage equality are the lawyers. I hope couples realize that this isn't as simple as getting a domestic partnership certificate. Marriage is essentially a legally binding contract with serious consequences. My partner and I are getting married (in our home state of New York) but we are meeting with our attorney and making sure we're completely informed. Tax filing alone is a hassle – NY state requires we file as married, Fed won't let us, must do "dummy" fed report to match state and then file "real" fed report saying we're single! Kids: don't go skipping down to City Hall without really knowing what you're doing. – Mark