1. Moira Finnie
    May 12, 2011 @ 3:40 pm

    Thank you so much, Mark and Steve. I am one of the thousands(?)–nay, millions who find Steve's reviews completely delightful. Long may you wave, Tired Old Queen at the Movies

  2. MadeMark
    May 12, 2011 @ 5:37 pm

    Thanks for the comment. Steve's as delightful as I imagined him to be, and he made my week with the interview.

  3. Vino
    December 19, 2014 @ 8:14 pm

    Great YouTube show. Don’t stop.

  4. Editor
    December 20, 2014 @ 7:01 am

    Okay, Vino, I’ll go back to adding them. I know Steve Hayes appreciates the exposure.

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