Joy Silver, MA, Principal for SilverSenior Living, Joins the Aged to Perfection Podcast

-Join me as I welcome Joy Silver to this week’s podcast. Joy is the principal for SilverSenior Living, consulting for Diverse and Sustainable Aging Communities, headquartered in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Until January 2015, she served as Chief Strategy Officer at Choices Women’s Medical Center, Inc., a New York State Article 28 Ambulatory Surgery Center, in Jamaica, New York.

She has also served as President/CEO, and was the founding principal and visionary for RainbowVision Properties, Inc., Santa Fe, NM.  Her mission-driven vision for seniors led her to create the non-profit “Emerald City Foundation” which granted funds for financial emergencies supporting New Mexican local LGBT people over the age of 62.

She’s a board member at Griot Circle, Inc., a Brooklyn, New York grassroots organization which seeks to address the needs of older lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens, particularly for people of color and serves as board development chair, and served as two-term board member for both LAIN (Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network) of the American Society for Aging, and the LGBT Historical Society, San Francisco, California. Additionally, Ms. Silver was a spokesperson for Equality California and Equality New Mexico and led the LGBT Healthcare Committee for Equality New Mexico.

Joy was also an adviser for New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s 2008 presidential campaign on LGBT issues.

Aged to Perfection Podcast One of a Kind for the Over-50 LGBTQ Listener

ATPSoundCloud-lgbtsrOur weekly Aged to Perfection podcast continues to grow, with terrific guests from the fields of advocacy, art, housing, writing (we love those authors!), and you – the heroes of everyday life. I recently looked to see what else was out there for the over-50 LGBTQ listener and found … not very much. Lots of comedy podcasts, lots of chat podcasts, but little specifically for us. So … I hope you enjoy them, I hope you’ll spread the word, and I hope you’ll join our growing audience. We can be found here of course, and also in the iTunes store, on Blubrry (the file host), and now on Stitcher. Rate us, enjoy us, join us.- Mark McNease/Editor

The Savvy Senior: Handy Aids For Achy Hands

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
What products can you recommend for seniors with hand arthritis? I really struggle with anything that requires gripping and turning, which makes most activities difficult.
Gripless Joan

Dear Joan,
There are literally hundreds of different arthritis aids and other products on the market today that can help people with arthritic hands and carpal tunnel syndrome.

To find out which devices can best benefit you, a good place to start is to ask your doctor for a referral to an occupational therapist, who can test the strength and functionality of your hands and recommend appropriate aids. With that said, here’s a rundown of some helpful products for different needs.

Kitchen aids: Activities like gripping cooking utensils, cutting and chopping, opening jars and cans, and moving around heavy pots and pans can make preparing a meal much more difficult when you have hand arthritis.


20 Questions to Ask Yourself (and your spouse) Before You Retire

Dave HughesEditor’s note: I’ll be chatting with Dave Hughes regularly on the Aged to Perfection podcast. You can listen to last week’s with Dave, where he talks about retirement lifestyle choices. – Mark/Editor

By Dave Hughes

You can also view these questions as a slideshow HERE.

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t think much about what your life will be like after you retire.

Maybe you don’t like to think about getting old.

There are many unknowns, and perhaps it seems like too much to think about or something you can put off for later.

But forming a clearer picture of how you would like to live your life after you reach the point where you no longer need to work will help you make better plans, both financially and otherwise.

It will also give you more to look forward to.

The questions that follow will help you sort these things out.


What Are They Teaching in Sunday School? (When Hate Speech Rolls Off Christians’ Tongues)

David Webb PhotoBy David Webb – The Rare Reporter

Cross-posted from David’s Blog

It would seem like time might soothe the sting of anti-gay hate slurs such as “faggot.” But I recently learned that the hateful language shocks my senses as much at 65 as it did a half-century ago.

A dispute with neighbors about their large dogs running loose and attacking my little 10-pound poodle led to a 14-year-old youth in their supervision calling me a “faggot.” The word shocked me so that at first I thought his female guardian had uttered it. But the teenager confirmed he said it.

The teenager also disputed my claim about the dogs running loose for an extended period of time while they were out of town, during which time my little dog was attacked by their big boxer. In essence, the teen called me a liar.


Book Review: I Left It On the Mountain by Kevin Sessums

I Left it on the MountainBy the Bookworm Sez

“I Left it On the Mountain” by Kevin Sessums
c.2015, St. Martin’s Press
$25.99 / $29.99 Canada  273 pages

I’m sorry.

There they are: two words you learned (or should’ve learned) as a toddler to make amends, set things right, receive forgiveness, and move on.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

If acknowledged, those words are cathartic and weight-lifting. If ignored, they can crush. Or, as in the new book I Left It on the Mountain” by Kevin Sessums, they can do both over the course of a lifetime.

On the morning of his 53rd birthday, Kevin Sessums woke up in a funk.


Tired Old Queen at the Movies: The Big Sleep

From Steve Hayes’s YouTube description:

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall exchange sexy banter and solve a mystery in Howard Hawks classic version of Raymond Chandler’s “THE BIG SLEEP” (1946). Adapted from the novel by William Faulkner, the story follows private detective Phillip Marlowe (Bogie) as he tries to track down the black mailers of a rich general with two pretty and “pretty wild” daughters (Lauren Bacall and Martha Vickers). The plot is convoluted, the action fast and furious and the dialogue fresh, funny and sexy. It’s an evening of film noir and one of Warner Brothers’ best.

Let’s Talk About Glaucoma and Cataracts with Herbalist Cathy McNease

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Cathy_5-22-09Welcome back to our regular conversations on herbs, nutrition and well-being with herbalist Cathy McNease. This week we examine causes and treatments for glaucoma and cataracts.

Cathy McNease is a nationally certified herbalist with a Diplomate in Chinese Herbology from the NCCAOM, a B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Western Michigan University and two Master Herbalist certificates from Emerson College of Herbology in Canada and East-West Course of Herbology in Santa Cruz. You can read more of her columns, advice and guidance in her collection, In Harmony with the Seasons: Herbs, Nutrition and Well-Being, available in print and e-book.

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