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‘First Comes Love’ New Photography Book Celebrates LGBTQ Relationships

FirstComesLoveiA new book of photography celebrating the lives and relationships of LGBTQ couples has just been released. NOTE: I’ll be interviewing the author, photographer Barbara Proud, on an upcoming Aged to Perfection podcast soon! You can read about the Philly book launch with photos from the event at PhillyMag.com.

From the press release:

Available September 26, First Comes Love is a new book of photographs and love stories that celebrates the lives and enduring relationships of LGBTQ couples from across the U.S.

The brainchild of Philadelphia photographer Barbara Proud (aka B. Proud), the book is just one element of the First Comes LoveProject, a traveling exhibition of photographs, love stories and video interviews documenting LGBTQ couples who have been together for 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 50+ years. www.firstcomeslove.org

When the First Comes Love Project began in March of 2009, Proposition 8 had just outlawed same-sex marriages in California and the Defense of Marriage Act prevent the federal government from recognizing marriages of same-sex couples. Now five years later, though DOMA has been declared unconstitutional and Proposition 8 has been defeated for good, there are currently 31 states where gay and lesbian marriage remains illegal.

Best of Aged to Perfection: Activist and Author Julie Bindel Joins the Podcast

Now that we’re on iTunes (you can subscribe here), I wanted to start getting episodes up. Later this week we’ll have a new one with blogger Rob Frydlewicz. And I have quite a few great shows from the past two years I’ll be uploading as ‘Best Ofs’ (not to mention – but I will! – our current weekend edition co-hosted with Rick Rose). Here’s one from this summer I did with lesbian activist, author and feminist Julie Bindel. It’s among my favorites because Julie is so refreshing and engaging.

Julie-BindelLesbian author, feminist and activist Julie Bindel joins the Aged to Perfection podcast for a thoughtful and thought-provoking conversation. Her new book, ‘Straight Expectations‘ has just come out. It was refreshing to spend some time talking to Julie and getting her perspectives and ideas on marriage equality, sexual orientation and the current state of the gay rights movement.

Aged to Perfection Podcast Now in iTunes!

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With a renewed focus on the site (see our new Events Page), I’m also pushing forward with an upgrade of our Aged to Perfection Podcast, including getting it into the iTunes store as a free podcast. We’d love you to subscribe to the podcast and start enjoying the episodes. I’ll be uploading ‘Best Of’ podcasts and adding new ones week to week.  Coming later this week: ZeigGAYst.com blogger Rob Frydlewicz returns to the show. – Mark McNease/Editor

Now in iTunes HERE! You can also search the iTunes store for ‘Aged to Perfection with lgbtSr.’

Events: Out on Film – 8 Day Film Festival Oct. 2 – 9 (Atlanta)


Dates: October 2 – 9, 2014
Location: Atlanta
Website with Details, Events and Schedules

From OutOnFilm.org:

These are our stories. Stories of how we live, how we love, how we laugh, and how we grieve. Stories that chronicle our history, our struggles, our present, and how we still fight today for our rights, our freedom, and our lives. Atlanta’s Out On Film is a week for us to experience our LGBT stories as a community – to sit together and watch our lives unfold. Come find out why Out On Film is so important to our community. Spend the week with us and celebrate your pride, your experience, your life.

Togetherness – Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Dave HughesBy Dave Hughes, RetireFabulously.com

When you think about the changes and adjustments that occur when you retire, the most obvious change is that you’ll have much more time on your hands.  You won’t be going in to work.  You will be able to choose what to do with your entire day.

But there’s another change that’s just as profound.  Many couples don’t anticipate it and are caught by surprise when it happens.

Suddenly, you have a lot more time to spend together.

Even though you genuinely enjoy each other’s company, this change may illuminate differences in how much time you wish to spend together vs. how much time and space you wish to have for yourselves.

Since the beginning of 2014, I’ve been home every day.  Even though Jeff left full-time employment at the end of October, 2013, he had been working from home for the past three years.  Before I retired, he set up his routine to accommodate his job and his other home activities his way.


New: Events Calendar at lgbtSr

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We now have an events calendar at lgbtSr! I’ve just begun filling it in and welcome events you’d like listed. This is for everyone who visits here and finds it useful, so the events are not limited by location (New York, Philadelphia, Shreveport … wherever you may be!). Just send me the event with all available details and I’ll add it to the calendar. Not all events are appropriate or pertinent to our readership, but I’ll try to accommodate as much as I can. Send details to: editor @ lgbtsr.org  – Mark McNease/Editor

Aged to Perfection Weekend Edition with Mark & Rick


Welcome to what will be the Weekend Edition of our Aged to Perfection Podcast. Co-hosts Mark McNease (New York City) and Rick Rose (Shreveport, Louisiana) check in on politics, culture, current events, and of course our sometimes irreverent opinion. Today we take a look at the shooting of John Crawford for the crime of picking up a toy gun in Walmart, movie suggestions from Rick, the Oklahoma Jihadi, and more. And please note: consider this a beta test as we move to a new platform! Volume tweaks and others to come. This is just a small plate sample, bugs and all.

We’ve been doing this podcast together for over two years, through several incarnations. Some changes: We’ll co-host this show on weekends. Additional podcasts will be Mark with guests, and, eventually, a weekly solo edition where I take a look at the headlines and matters pertinent to our audience. We’re on a new platform now and working on getting this into the iTunes store. Stay tuned! – Mark McNease/Editor

lgbtSr Mobile Gets a New Look

If you’re enjoying lgbtSr on your mobile device (many of our email subscribers will be familiar with this), you’ll now be seeing a new look to the site. Cleaner, fresher, and with thumbnail photos. And you can just click on the drop down menu (top left corner) to find everything on the site. Enjoy!