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Tamiami Trail Takes Visitors to Florida from Everglades to Beaches

DAvid1By David Webb

Travel ranked high on my list of things to do when I retired, and I realized that along with many foreign lands much of America remained unexplored by me. That and concerns about international conflicts took me to Florida in late August to visit the Everglades.

After flying into Tampa and renting a car I drove to a cousin’s house in Punta Gorda on the Gulf Coast. The next day he and I set off for an air boat ride in a swamp near Everglade City, and what a rush that turned out to be. I declared it to be the most fun I’d ever had with my clothes on when I tipped the air boat captain.

After roaring and spinning through the murky water and marsh for a half-hour, we came to a stop in the swamp. The captain blew a whistle and an 11-foot alligator swam up to the side of the boat close to where I sat. His 9-foot girlfriend soon joined him, and they both opened their mouths for the captain to toss them marshmallows. Giant teeth lined their mammoth jaws, and they greedily swallowed the treats. I imagined how quickly one of my feet or hands could disappear into their bellies.

When we arrived back at the air boat dock my cousin and I took turns holding a three-foot long alligator. The softness of his skin and his docility surprised me, but I guessed show-and-tell demonstrations and marshmallows had tamed him.


Events: CBRC’s Gay Men’s Health Summit, Oct. 30/31 (Vancouver, BC)

SUMMIT_LOGOFrom Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health:

The Gay Men’s Health Summit 2014: The New Literacy of Gay Men’s Health will be held on October 30 & 31, 2014, at:

Harbour Centre, Simon Fraser University
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories
British Columbia

Register online athttp://cbrc.net/summit

Planning to attend the Summit? Please register online. Let us know if you’ll be having lunch. If you’re paying a registration fee, please consider paying online. Thank you.

Harbour Centre Physical Access Guide:

This year’s Summit will explore how well gay men, their providers and care systems around them are navigating the explosion of health knowledge in the digital era. Rapidly evolving science and technologies are challenging the capacities of professionals let alone average gay guys to keep up. How well we grasp what is emerging in these times could ultimately affect gay men’s future well-being and even help wind down the HIV epidemic.


  • HIV, Stigma and Society. Perry Kendall, Provincial Health Officer, BC Ministry of Health
  • Health Literacy: Why it is Important for Gay Men’s Health. Irving Rootman, University of Victoria
  • ENUF: Crowd Sourcing Voices to Resist HIV Stigma and Promote Resilience. Brent Allan, Living Positive Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
  • Reflections on HIV Testing Amongst Gay Men: Scottish Perspectives. Paul Flowers, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland

Read in full HERE.

Mark’s Café Moi: Keeping An Open Mind and Heart

150MarkCafeBlackMark McNease/Editor

Can I do this editor’s blog weekly? We’ll see. I keep trying every few months, then like too many ideas it flits away, blown by the winds of distraction.

This week I want to stop and ponder what it means to have an open mind and heart. I’ve discovered the more I keep both, the easier it is for peace to enter. Calm. A freedom from judgment, worry, condemnation, outrage, and the need to be right that arises more from insecurity than from self-assurance.

I’ve long had a wide variety of people in my life: socially conservative siblings (though they support my equality and welcome my husband and me into their homes), progressives, Republicans, Democrats, a stray Libertarian. Atheists, Christians, LGBT-orthodoxy adherents, and a few queers young and old. Unless their beliefs and efforts directly threaten me or the ability of us all to live in some kind of harmony, I bear no grudge and engage in no conflict.

Why this topic, this week? I recently posted about an event being held by a friend of mine, a woman I find frighteningly intelligent, remarkably gentle, a tireless advocate, and a Christian. Among the few comments on it was the unfortunately predictable,“There is no god! We don’t need some make-believe sky-god for equality!” I don’t know what the man was hoping to accomplish with his comment, or why he felt such a need to take a stab at someone else’s beliefs, but it made me not want to be him.


Coming Soon: Outer Voices Inner Lives – A Collection of LGBTQ Writers Over 50

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.18.38 AMFirst came the idea, then the call for submissions, the selection process, finalizing, editing, formatting, proofing and more proofing. Finally, after 9 months, we’ll soon be publishing Outer Voices Inner Lives, a collection of 16 LGBTQ writers over 50.

With a foreword by iconic author Patricia Nell Warren (The Frontrunner), Outer Voices showcases writers in their prime, whether that prime is 50, 60, or 80.

Co-edited by myself and Stephen Dolainski (RainbowGray.com), the collection gathers stories and an essay or two from our peers—writers whose voices have not gone silent and whose creativity and vitality have not diminished.

Steve will be joining me on an Aged to Perfection podcast soon to talk about the book, why we did it, and what our hopes are for it. Look for another announcement soon when the book becomes available. I’ll also be doing a giveaway here for email subscribers—details on that with the book launch. Until then … Mark McNease/Editor

Events: American Society on Aging Presents “What’s Your BiQ?” Oct. 23 (Webinar)

asa-update-whats-your-biqFrom the American Society on Aging’s LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN):

Date: Thursday, October 23, 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET
Presented by ASA’s LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN)

Details and Registration at ASAging.org

In many ways, aging bisexuals are a “hidden” population. Bisexuality often is viewed as being part gay and part straight, rather than as its own identity. Not only do bisexuals face discrimination by heterosexuals, but also experience resistance within the lesbian, gay, transgender (LGT) community, with bisexuals often being perceived as “sitting on the fence” (biphobia); however, issues confronting older lesbians and gay men partially overlap with the experiences of older bisexuals. This webinar will help professionals in the field of aging become more aware of bisexuality and will serve to educate them in how best to work with this population.

Terri ClarkPresenter: Terri Clark

Terri Clark, an accomplished program planner, trainer and facilitator, has been providing education and training in community health, human sexuality, and HIV/AIDS for nearly 20 years. Throughout her career in public health, Clark has been an advocate for gender equality and sexual health across the lifecycle. She currently serves as a prevention coordinator at ActionAIDS in Philadelphia.

The Savvy Senior: Vaccination Options Available to Seniors this Flu Season

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
I understand that there are several types of flu vaccines being offered to seniors this flu season. What can you tell me about them?
Cautious Senior 

Dear Cautious,
Depending on your health, age and personal preference, there’s a buffet of flu shots available to seniors this flu season, along with two vaccinations for pneumonia that you should consider getting too.

Flu Shots Options
Just as they do every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a seasonal flu shot to almost everyone, but it’s especially important for seniors who are at higher risk of developing serious flu-related complications. The flu puts more than 200,000 people in the hospital each year and kills around 24,000 – 90 percent of whom are seniors. Here’s the rundown of the different options:

Standard (trivalent) flu shot: This tried-and-true shot that’s been around for more than 30 years protects against three strains of influenza. This year’s version protects against the two common A strains (H1N1 and H3N2), and one influenza B virus.


Events: Halloween at Rainbow Mountain November 1 (Poconos)

I had to put in a plug for the best Halloween party east of the Mississippi. My husband Frank and I have been there three times for their Halloween weekend. It’s almost a tradition, and we’d be there this year, too, if a scheduling conflict didn’t prevent it.

Rainbow Mountain was the inspiration for my first Kyle Callahan Mystery, Murder at Pride Lodge. An easy drive from NYC or Philly, ths is my favorite nearby getaway. Read about them and make reservations at their website.

Best of Aged to Perfection: Professional Organizer Regina Lark Joins the Podcast

regina_larkAnother great podcast from the archives. Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we welcome Regina Lark to the show. Regina is a professional organizer and the founder and president of A Clear Path: Professional Organizing for Home, Work, Life. As a Board Certified Professional Organizer she specializes in working with people with chronic disorganization, ADHD, and hoarding disorders, as well as folks who have way too much stuff! You can see her website and read all about her at A Clear Path.

Dawn Munro Awarded Jaci Adams OutProud Transgender Award

DAWN MUNRO 4 2014We’ve been fortunate to share some columns here at lgbtSr written by Dawn Munro. Equally exciting for me is that Dawn is among 16 writers included in the upcoming collection, ‘Outer Voices Inner Lives’ that I co-edited with RainbowGray’s  Stephen Dolainski. We’ll be announcing that book launch in just a couple weeks. Congratulations to Dawn, a unique voice and tireless activist. – Mark/Editor

From LGBT Elder Initiative:

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, EI [Elder Initiative] board member, Dawn Munro, was awarded the Jaci Adams OutProud Transgender Award at the annual OutFest celebration in Philadelphia, PA.

When presenting the award to Ms. Munro, EI board chair, Heshie Zinman, remarked that, “Few people in this city could possibly stand in the shoes of Jaci Adams. One of those people is today’s honoree… For over 5 decades, this woman, this activist, has spoken out, acted up, and supported a better world for transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people around the world.”

Munro is a member of TPAC, Sisterly Love, PFLAG, Philadelphia Police LGBT Liaison Committee, and, most recently, she was elected to the board of the LGBT Elder Initiative.

Read in full at LGBTEI.ORG

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