Happy Thanksgiving to All!

thanksgiving-turkey-clip-art-turkey1 (1)I posted last week that I’d be taking extended leave. It lasted two days. But anyway, I am getting out of here for a nice long holiday weekend. Enjoy, everyone! And I hope you like the rainbow turkey.

Mark McNease

Thankfully Politically Correct

Rod 400By Rod Hensel

This Thanksgiving, I hope you will give a little extra bit of thanks to the transgender community for having the courage to increase their visibility to the public as well as their participation in the LGBT community.  For gays and lesbians who came out in the 60’s – 80’s it was entirely possible to never really know or even meet a transgendered person, or to even be able to distinguish the difference between terms used then like transsexual, transvestite or drag queen.

Many in my generation have had to take the time to learn how to be “politically correct” as we meet and take on transgendered individuals as friends.  For the most part we learn gladly since we have been subject to slurs like pansy, fairy, fag, homo, dyke and a host of others.  We don’t want to offend others.  We don’t want to hurt them.  We want to show them respect as human beings.

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Animals Never Unfriend You: Remember to Be Thankful for Your Pets

Wendy the Supercat

By Mark McNease/Editor

It appears our oldest cat, Munchkin, is blind or close to it. At 18, she’ s pretty much pulling into the station, which makes me very sad. I hate saying goodbye when it’s forever, but that’s life. Take it or leave it. I’ve chosen to take it, with all its joy and sorrow.

This is a re-post I’ve made a tradition of running this time of year, about Wendy the Superpcat (pictured), coolest, loving-est cat I’ve ever had, and a great teacher, too. She was with us on Christmas four years ago. Now she lives in photos, memories, and the call to follow her example.

I adopted Wendy, now approximately age ten, at a pet store on 49th Street. They have an adoption service in the back of the store, and one chilly winter evening I was there to look at cats. I’d been single a long time and had started to think I’d be staying that way, possibly for the rest of my life, and maybe it was time for some feline companionship. I walked into the store and there was this spunky white cat with gray patches walking around the front room. Not in a cage, not confined in the back, just walking around taking the measure of everyone and everything in the place. I knelt down and she walked up to me, clearly thinking I was there to rescue her from the boredom of life in a pet store. A week later she was living in my one-bedroom apartment in Astoria, Queens.

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Gratitude Heals the Mind and Body

Cathy_5-22-09By Cathy McNease, Herbalist

My favorite holiday of the year comes at the end of November…Thanksgiving. Imagine a whole day dedicated to being thankful! When that attitude of gratitude is practiced regularly, it can have far reaching benefits to both physical and mental health, changing our world view from glass half empty to glass half full, just by a shift in perception.

Research studies at the University of California at Davis, led by Robert Emmons, have shown the wide reaching benefits of practicing gratitude, including better sleep, improved heart health with protection from heart attacks, fewer illness symptoms, stronger immunity, and a more optimistic outlook about the future. Grateful people take better care of themselves in general, and engage in more health protective behaviors, including more exercise, better diets and better stress management. Emmons’ studies have shown that those practicing gratitude regularly experience higher levels of positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, love, happiness and optimism. Additionally, the practice of gratitude as a discipline protects a person from the destructive impulses of envy, resentment, greed and bitterness. Even spending just a few minutes daily in a state of gratitude can be transformational, helping us to replace fear, anxiety and worry with joy, happiness and peace, resulting in a more balanced body and mind.

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Homicide for the Holidays! ALL Kyle Callahan Mysteries Just $1.99 Through Christmas


Image of a street at night

Kill Switch
A Kyle Callahan Mystery

In the 5th installment of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, Kyle finds himself in therapy after ending the life of the Pride Killer, the most successful serial killer New York City has ever known. Putting an end to evil was the right thing to do, but it left Kyle in need of the services of psychotherapist Peter Benoit. Kyle decides the best way to engage with life again is to do what he can’t stop doing: solving murders. Joined once again by his friend Detective Linda Sikorsky, Kyle takes on his first cold case, the murder of a teenager three years ago. Corinne Copley was killed on a Manhattan side street for nothing more than her cell phone. Or was that really the reason? Come along as Kyle delves into the murky undercurrent of New York politics, pursues a crime boss who kills as easily as she breathes, and seeks justice for the father of a murdered child.

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6 Questions for Author and Storyteller David Hardy

bold jpg

I recently posted about the story collection BOLD, which is launching in just a few days on November 27. A treasure trove of personal stories and experiences revealing the lives of older LGBTI people, the book presents its subjects with intimacy, poignancy and vibrancy. We are alive, it says, and we matter.

About BOLD:

“More than 50 older LGBTI people share their stories and images – of first love and family, of struggle and defiance and resistance and pride. They include prominent activists including Bob Brown, Sally Goldner and the Hon. Michael Kirby. Many of the stories are by ordinary and extraordinary people who may be Indigenous, born overseas, or live in cities or small towns across Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Ireland.”

I had the opportunity to interview the book’s creator, story collector and driving force, David Hardy, for this ‘6 Questions’ feature. His extensive answers follow. You can also learn more about David and the Associate Editor for the book, Elizabeth Whiley, at the end of the interview.

MM: David, thanks for taking the time to answer ‘6 Questions.’ Let’s start with your background, which is extensive. You’re a storyteller, singer and performer in Brisbane’s Lesbian and Gay Choir, Doctorate of Philosophy in Indigenous Knowledges, and an ex-Diplomat. What does it mean to have a Doctorate of Philosophy in Indigenous Knowledges?

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The Savvy Senior: Senior-Friendly Furniture Aids for Mobility Challenged Seniors

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
I am interested in purchasing a recliner that lifts and lowers off the ground, or some other type of senior-friendly furniture that can help my elderly father. He’s arthritic and overweight and struggles mightily with getting up from most of the cushioned furniture in the house. What can you recommend?
Need a Boost

Dear Need,
The task of sitting down and/or getting up from soft cushioned furniture is a problem for many seniors who struggle with excessive weight, arthritis or other mobility issues. Here are some different product solutions that can help.

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‘The Pride Trilogy’ Now Available in Print and E-Book

New York City - Manhattan after sunset - beautiful cityscape

I’ve written five Kyle Callahan Mysteries, three of them as The Pride Trilogy, now together for the first time in one sleep-preventing page turner. You can order the print or Kindle version starting today. Santa came early this year with something very, very special for your stocking: murder, mayhem, sugar plums and serial killers wrapped up in bright bloody bows just for you.

From the book description:

Together for the first time in one book, all three Kyle Callahan Mysteries making up the Pride Trilogy: Murder at Pride Lodge, Pride and Perilous, and the concluding Death by Pride. In Murder at Pride Lodge we meet Kyle Callahan and his partner Danny Durban for the first time, spending an idyllic Halloween weekend at Pride Lodge that soon turns murderous. Enter Detective Linda Sikorsky of the New Hope, PA, Police Force. Together they race to stop the killer – or is it killers? – before the next body falls.

In Pride and Perilous the pair join forces again, this time in New York City where someone has targeted artists involved with the Katherine Pride Gallery, doing their best to close the gallery forever one victim at a time. Finally, in Death by Pride, Linda returns to visit Kyle and now-husband Danny, only to find herself and her best friend rushing to a date with destiny and the Pride Killer, the most successful serial killer New York City has ever known. One book, three thrills: The Pride Trilogy.

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Book Review: My Couch is Your Couch: Exploring How People Live around the World by Gabriele Galimberti

My Couch is Your CouchThe Bookworm Sez
Terri Schlichenmeyer

“My Couch is Your Couch: Exploring How People Live around the World” by Gabriele Galimberti
c.2015, Potter Style $22.50 / $26.50 Canada  176 pages

The extra chairs will never fit.

Because of that, you’re not sure where you’ll squeeze ten guests at a table that holds four. You could move the TV, but the bathroom door’s in the way. Move the recliner to the bedroom, but that’s a pain. And yet, as you’ll see in “My Couch is Your Couch” by Gabriele Galimberti, at least you have those things to move.

Five years ago, with wanderlust in his heart, Gabriele Galimberti decided to travel. He’d been “thinking for a long time about using couchsurfing as a way to do so” when an Italian magazine asked to follow his journey.

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Transgender State Legislator – Not This Time

StephanieMottBy Stephanie Mott

When Kansas State Representative Harold Lane announced his retirement, I didn’t hesitate to make it known that I planned to try become the nominee to fill his unexpired term. November 14th, the six Democratic precinct committee members for Kansas House District 58 gathered together to make that nomination. It went to Reverend Ben Scott. Governor Brownback will now make an appointment to fill this seat in the Kansas Legislature.

There is much more to this story than a transgender woman from Topeka not being selected as the nominee. It was not a difficult decision for me to place my name into consideration for this seat. I have long had my eye on the right opportunity to come along. This one certainly had all the earmarks of the right opportunity.

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