Author Michael Graves Joins the Live Mic Podcast

AB FINAL Gray Fun LettersI recently had the pleasure of asking author Michael Graves ‘6 Questions’ and it’s a treat to finally speak in person. Michael is the author of Dirty One, a collection of short stories that was both a Lambda Literary Award Finalist and an American Library Association Honoree. His new novel, Parade, was released October 1 by Chelsea Station Editions. Described as “a tour-de-force, comic tale of religion and government,” the book tells the story of Reggie Lauderdale in the midst of his crisis of faith. His cousin, Elmer Mott, dreams of becoming their hometown mayor. Both boys are doing their best to be adults in suburbia, but have yet to learn to be fully themselves.

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The Life and Death of Coming Out Trans

StephanieMottBy Stephanie Mott

Because I believed there was something wrong with me, I hid myself from any and all who might have been there for me, if they had only known how to be there for me. I have often wondered what would have happened if I had “come out”, as it were, when I was six years old. When I already knew who I was and who I had to be.

In the 1960s, when I might have first come out, the response would have been truly devastating. The world would have tried to “fix” me, instead of understanding the fact that no other person on the planet could possibly know more about my gender than I do. It would have resulted in my being exposed to the kind of psychotherapy that was the standard at the time. My ability to function in this world would have been permanently stolen from me.

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Events: 5th Annual Philly Trans* March October 10

Via Philly Gay News:

The fifth-annual Philly Trans* March will step off again later this month and, while organizers say the event will serve as a rallying cry for more equal treatment of trans individuals, it will also celebrate the progress that has been made for trans visibility.

“The trans community did not have that much to celebrate five years ago but over the last two years, things have really steered in a different direction,” said Deja Lynn Alvarez, who is coordinating the Oct. 10 event with Naiymah Sanchez and Samantha Jo Dato. “We don’t want to make it just an event where we’re shouting and saying we demand this and that — it’s still about making ourselves heard — but we want to also recognize the progress and people who have helped that progress we’ve made in the city of Philadelphia.” 

That message will be carried to a wider audience this year, with an expanded route that will take marchers further into the Gayborhood — from Love Park down Broad Street, over Pine Street to 13th Street, and up Walnut Street back to the park.

For details see the Trans* March Facebook page

Featured Book: The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle by Lillian Faderman


The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle
Lillian Faderman
816 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

There have been many histories and accounts of the struggle for equality, but this one sounds special.

From the Amazon description:

The sweeping story of the modern struggle for gay, lesbian, and trans rights—from the 1950s to the present—based on amazing interviews with politicians, military figures, legal activists, and members of the entire LGBT community who face these challenges every day.

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An Important Lesson Boomers Can Learn From Millennials

Dave HughesBy Dave Hughes,

Much has been written about the “Millennial” generation – those born between the early 1980s and 2000 (definitions vary), who are between the ages of 15 and 35 today.  They may be the most researched and reported on generation to date.

I identify with many of the Millennials’ values.  Sometimes I feel like I was born thirty years too early, but then I remind myself that I would have missed out on experiencing first-hand the great music that came out in the 1970s.  (I’m serious about that.  But the fashions?  Not so much.)

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Featured Short Story: Poets’ Walk by David Swatling

david_Poets’ Walk
David Swatling

October 2012

The telephone rings. You glance at the Escher clock above the mantle. Midnight. Black birds against white sky transform into white fish against black water, in perfect balance as one day turns into another. Who calls this late? You consider not answering. You cross the room, look at the caller ID. You pick up the phone.

June 1977

“Cherry Lane Theater. Can you hold a moment, please?” Steven pushed the button with an exaggerated flourish, set the receiver in the cradle, and turned back to me with a mischievous grin. “If you make them wait, they’ll think you’re busy and be more likely to book a reservation. And believe you me, this show needs all the help it can get in that department. Now where were we before being so rudely interrupted?”

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Book Review: Fear and Clothing: Unbuckling American Style by Cintra Wilson

Fear and ClothingThe Bookworm Sez
Terri Schlichenmeyer

“Fear and Clothing: Unbuckling American Style” by Cintra Wilson
c.2015, W.W. Norton
$27.95 / $33.95 Canada 336 pages

Veronica Lake had her “peek-a-boo.”

Jackie O loved her pearls. Mary Quant made a teeny-weeny mini, perfect for the twiggy body of Twiggy. Kate Moss was waifish, Joan Collins pushed our shoulders out to there, and JLo and Nikki push the envelope every chance they get.

So what’s your style? Dress up, dress down or, as Cintra Wilson says in her new book “Fear and Clothing,” is fashion dictated by where you live?

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The Savvy Senior: Specialized Services That Help Seniors Relocate

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
I need to find some help with selling my elderly mother’s house – where she’s lived for almost 50 years – and relocating her to an apartment or condo closer to where I live. Can you recommend any businesses or services that specialize in helping seniors relocate?
Overwhelmed Daughter

Dear Overwhelmed,
The process of selling a house and moving to a new home, or downsizing to a condo, apartment or senior housing facility is a big job for anyone. But it can be especially overwhelming for seniors who are moving from a long time residence filled with decade’s worth of stuff and a lifetime of memories. Fortunately, there are several specialized services available today that can help make your mom’s move a lot easier.

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Live Mic Weekend with Mark & Rick (Podcast)

Mark Rick Logo MixWatch out! It’s a live mic!

It’s Rick Rose and Mark McNease together at the live mic every weekend, offering up small plates of opinion, politics, culture, and the world as we saw it this week.

On today’s menu: The Pope gets punked, purple is for bullies, guns galore, Matt Damon and the age of scurrilous memes, and 10 queer movies that will teach your more than Stonewall.

Disclaimer: We’re irreverent but respectful, write that down. We say what we think, and sometimes we say what you think, too. Join us every weekend with a cup of free trade dark roast and an equality scone, here on the Live Mic podcast (Libsyn, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, all around the world).

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