The Weekly Readlines February 5

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“Trees can count, learn and remember; nurse sick neighbors; warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries …”

Peter Wohlleben, German forest ranger

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Two words to strike fear in the hearts of good people everywhere: President Cruz. Yes, he defeated The Donald in Iowa, helped hugely by a surge of evangelicals. Surely Trump is working behind the scenes even now to have someone, anyone, sue to prove Cruz is not a natural-born citizen and cannot occupy the White House. In the meantime, he’s accusing Cruz of stealing the caucuses as he edges further and further toward madness.

Did I Mention?

Millennial men and the people who love them are good with the gray hair. Possibly hot, always stylish (ask me, I know!). And the HuffPost Gay Voices is now the Queer Voices.

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Huffington Post Queers the Pain

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By Mark McNease/Editor

Out on a limb I go … This has been a relatively non-controversial site for almost five years. Advocacy, yes. A determination to share the voices of older LGBT people, absolutely, that’s its purpose. But not often controversial. (We save that for the podcasts.) So I’m hesitant to weigh in on this and wasn’t going to, until I read the comments from so many older people in reaction to editor Noah Michelson’s decision to rename HuffPost Gay Voices ‘Queer Voices.

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Ten Steps to Winning the Transgender Bathroom “Debate”

StephanieMottBy Stephanie Mott

  1. Stop Calling It a Debate – If your argument against allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms associated with their gender identity amounts to repeating a lot of garbage that is patently false, it is not a debate. There are truth-tellers and there are liars.
  1. God Said – All ye who are persons of faith AND believe gender identity should be respected, even/especially in bathrooms, please stand up and say so. I know that a lot of you are already doing that. We need a lot more. Please.

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Fabulous Places to Retire: Colombia

Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

By Dave Hughes,

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Colombia?

I’ll be honest. Up until recently, the first thing I thought of was drug cartels – cartels so prominent that they were named after major cities such as Medellin and Cali. Just two decades ago, Colombia was a dangerous, lawless country overrun by crime.

That has changed. While there is still a drug industry in Colombia (there’s a drug industry in the United States too, if you hadn’t noticed), the government has made great strides with keeping it in check, and the decades-long civil conflict between the government and leftist and right-wing rebel groups appears to be coming to an end. (More on this later.)

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Book Review: Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes

Year of YesThe Bookworm Sez
Terri Schlichenmeyer

“Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes
c.2015, Simon & Schuster
$24.99 / $32.99 Canada 311 pages

For far too long, you’ve been holding back.

Opportunities have presented themselves, and you’ve passed on them. Chances have leaped in front of you and you skipped them, but you’re not sure why. Some days, you feel like you’re in a ten-foot-deep rut; in the book “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes, you’ll see how to get out.

With two babies and a “tween” at home, several mega-hit productions, and hundreds of employees on her payroll, writer-creator-producer Shonda Rhimes had ample reason for turning down requests. She was busy – and she was also terrified.

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The Savvy Senior: How to Calculate Your Retirement Number

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you help me calculate about how much my wife and I need to save for retirement? We are both in out late-fifties and want to see where we stand.
Looking Ahead

Dear Looking,
Calculating an approximate number of how much you’ll need to save for a comfortable retirement is actually pretty easy, and doesn’t take long to do. It’s a simple, three-step process that includes estimating your future living expenses, tallying up your retirement income and calculating the difference. There are even a host of online calculators that can help you with this too.

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